COVID Denier, 30, Fined £200 For Uploading Pictures Of ‘Empty’ Hospitals



It’s always good for people to challenge the government and verify what they say rather than take things on face value, but when it comes to ‘independent journalists’ claiming that COVID is a hoax and that hospitals around the UK are virtually empty, you really have to wonder what kind of morons we’re dealing with.

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Hannah Dean, who describes herself as a ‘registered journalist’ from Portsmouth, shared images from hospitals across south-east England to Facebook in a bid to prove the virus is a ‘hoax’.

According to The Times, the 30-year-old has now been fined £200 after she uploaded images and videos from inside several hospitals which ’caused angst in the community’.

Hannah claims to have captured footage from Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth, Southampton General hospital, the Princess Royal University hospital near Bromley, Kent, and St Richard’s Hospital in Chichester, West Sussex.

Alongside a post of pictures allegedly taken at Queen Alexandra Hospital she wrote:

Hospital is the quietest I have ever seen it! I walked all over the hospital, including A&E!

I know this is hard to get our heads around, but the government are lying to us! And the reason why they’re lying to us….. is very disturbing!

Hampshire Police and Portsmouth Police have not identified the woman issued with the fixed penalty notice, but said she had been ‘attending local hospitals, including Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham’.

Strangely, Hannah denies being fined or that she is even under investigation, despite suggesting the news reports are about her:

Regarding Hannah’s investigative journalism, a spokesman for Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, which runs hospitals in West Sussex, said:

This is untrue and highly disrespectful to all the patients and families affected by Covid, as well as our staff who are working extremely hard in very challenging circumstances.

We must stress, pictures of empty corridors do not mean our wards and intensive care units are empty.

Portsmouth Police added:

Some of you will have seen the reports of persons attending local hospitals, taking photos of parts of the hospital that are not on the front line in the fight against Covid-19, and using the images to suggest hospitals are not being stretched.

These actions have caused angst in the community, and have prompted a number of calls to us reporting the posts.


Well I guess if you’re a COVID denier who is determined to prove the virus is a hoax, then you’re going to show up to hospitals and only capture footage that supports your narrative. What was she expecting? Holby City style scenes where a patient is delivered to hospital and every medic from every department immediately rushes to their aid and does a round-trip through the hospital before arriving at the ER?

I mean cheers for the photos of empty corridors and all, but no photos of wards with patients? Oh that’s right they wouldn’t let her in, obviously. Why? Because we’re in the middle of a pandemic, duh. Obviously parts of hospitals will be quiet, but head a little further into A&E and the COVID wards and you’ll see exactly what all the fuss is about.

Not that she’d have taken those photos because again, it doesn’t support her narrative. Maybe they should let her in though, ideally without PPE equipment, and then we’ll see just how real or fake COVID is. Should she be fined over this? That’s another issue. After all we don’t fine the papers or media companies for the BS they post every day, so why should it be any different for braindead Facebook journalists? After all, being stupid is not a crime.

To watch a COVID denier in Bournemouth get arrested for refusing to leave a bench, click HERE. Looks like we’ve got a long few months ahead.



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