A Photographer In Brooklyn Is Offering Professional Tinder Headshots

Professional Tinder Headshots

The name of the game: get more swipe rights.

A photographer in Brooklyn had the neat idea of setting up a studio where he shoots people’s Tinder profile pictures professionally. The aim of the game: to make more money and to get more swipe rights for his clients. So far, it seems to be working – at least way better than these twats on Tinder.

The dude is called Max Schwartz and he operates out of what looks like a one bedroomed apartment (or perhaps a studio – maybe I’m not giving this guy enough credit but we are talking about New York City here) and to be fair to the guy the head shots he comes up with look great. If only Brooklyn wasn’t so far away, but I’m sure it won’t be too long before someone over here has a similar idea and starts going for it.

You can watch a short documentary about Max and his customers below.


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