Professional Racing Driver Disguises Herself As Loser And Freaks Out Driving Instructors On Their First Day With Insane Skills

Leona Chin Fast And Furious Prank

That’s some Fast And The Furious kinda vibe.

Leona Chin is a professional racing champion over in Malaysia and she thought it would be a gigantic LOL if she dressed up as a really nerdy girl and then went and got driving lessons from instructors who were teaching their first days. Instead of being all meek and mild pull of some sick drifts and manoeuvres and scare the absolute crap out of them.

Yeah, you got it – she was absolutely right and you can see it all in the video below. To be fair though the driving instructors are complete pussies about it, but I suppose if you thought this girl was having a lesson and she was razzing it like this then you probably would fear for your life. I would probably just pass her right there on the spot and ask her out on a date to be honest though.

It’s not as entertaining as the invisible driver drive thru prank though.

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