VIDEO: Two Professional Poker Players Had A Brutally Bloody MMA Fight For $100,000

Professional Poker Players Fight

Taking a break from the poker table to battle it out in the Octagon.

Poker players aren’t normally known for the fact that they’re tough as hell and can kick the shit out of anyone, but Olivier Busquet wanted to change this impression of them.

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That’s why he put out an open challenge on Twitter for anyone to face him in an MMA match. It was accepted by JC Alvarado and after six months of training the pair finally met in the ring over the weekend and fought it out in a really brutal contest. Busquet was the favourite going into the game as he was way bigger and more hench than Alvarado, even though he hasn’t had any formal training and Alvarado has studied Brazilian Jui-Jitsu since 2011.

Watch the highlights and the buildup to the fight below:

Oof. Yeah I guess studying Jiu Jitsu doesn’t really count for anything when you’re not completely ripped as well does it? All about the muscle mass.

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