Pro Skater Dresses Up As 80 Year Old Man And Rips Up The Skate Park

Pro Skater Old Man

Skate or die – of old age.

You’ve got to love pranks where someone dresses up as a really old man and then completely schools all the youngsters who initially think he’s practically crippled.

This time it’s the turn of Spanish pro skater Danny Leon who dresses up as a highly convincing old man with the help of prosthetics and turns up at the Legazpi skatepark in Madrid to surprise the locals.

I can’t really understand what’s going on in the video because they’re all talking in Spanish, but it seems like the old man’s entourage are trying to hustle the kids who don’t really want anything to do with it because they don’t want to see this old dude get hurt trying to skate, and then he grabs the board and wow – he just blows them away.

If you like pranks where people dress up then check this one out because it’s the absolute ultimate.

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