Guy Dresses Up As Other Facebook Users And Then Sends Them Friend Requests

Guy Dresses Up As Facebook Users Featured

This is a completely sick prank that would definitely freak you out massively if it happened to you.

Guy Dresses Up As Facebook Users Featured

This is slightly old but it’s so funny that I just had to post it up here anyway because I missed it and I think it’s actually really really really funny. Basically this dude who is a redditor called Casino Roy (awesome reddit name btw, you fit right in with all the other loser redditors over there) thought it would be really funny to find other Facebook users with his name and then dress up as their exact Facebook profile picture and then send them a friend request. To be honest I don’t send or receive that many friend requests anymore so when I get one I’m kinda stoked or at least interested to see who it is, but if I received one of some dude with the exact same name and the exact same Facebook profile picture as me then I would be pretty screwing, I mean how the hell do you react to that? You’re gonna be creeped out and that’s that, and that’s probably why this is such a good prank and why I can’t believe that nobody has ever though of doing it before now. Seriously good. I normally try to make my posts a bit longer than this but there really isn’t anything else I can say about this so just kick back and laugh at these hilarious photos.

Guy Dresses Up As Facebook Users 1

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