Pro Go-Karter Throws Bumper At Rival Mid-Race & Then Beats Him Up After The Race Ends (VIDEO)

Whoa that’s dangerous.

A professional go-kart racer has retired from the sport after throwing a bumper at a rival as he raced around the track and then attacking him once the race was over.

Following the incident, 23-year-old Luca Corberi announced (via BBC):

I have decided not to take part in any other motorsport competition for the rest of my life.

Followed by…

Welp, at least you can’t accuse him of going out without a bang. Apparently Luca was pissed with opponent Paolo Ippolito after he crashed out of the race and (presumably) blamed Paolo for it.

To be fair I can understand why he went back to get some punches in after initially throwing the bumper onto the tracks. I mean it looks like the bumper hit another random racer rather than Luca’s intended target so it was probably nowhere near as satisfying as he envisaged it in his head after all that build-up waiting for the right moment.

Although Luca retired from the go-karting game immediately afterwards, the FIA (motor racing’s governing body) is investigating and said it was “deeply concerned by the disturbing events involving drivers, team members and track officials”, so who knows what other repercussions there might be for the lad.

Either way, pretty horrible look for him. Go-karting for a living and throwing a temper tantrum when you lose? What a child.

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