Guy Takes His Girlfriend Go-Karting; She Completely Obliterates Herself In Seconds


This is a short video from the helmet-cam of a guy who took his girlfriend go-karting for the first time. I don’t know what kind of instructions he gave her at the beginning but she’d have been better off playing Mario Kart at home from the way things pan out.

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Well I’m pretty sure she broke her neck there and it only took about 30 seconds into her go-karting career. I don’t even understand how that happened? All she had to do was turn the wheel but instead she went full speed into the barriers. I wonder if it was easy for this dude to talk her into going go-karting in the first place, or if she tried to convince him it was a really terrible idea.

She’d fit right into this compilation of crazy go-kart crashes we uploaded earlier.


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