Private Investigators Reveal The Most Bizarre Cases They’ve Ever Been Assigned

Private Investigaotrs

Not as dangerous and glamorous as you might think.

You might think of the world of a private investigator as dangerous and glamorous, but the truth is that most of the time they’re riding around in their cars following people and staking them out and probably bored out of their brains.

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Of course, there are definitely going to be some days when this definitely isn’t the case, and thanks to a Reddit AMA we were all able to learn how bizarre some of these cases could get. Check out some of the best stories below:

Yeah, quite a lot of messed up/weird stuff you’re gonna come across every now and again if you’re a PI huh? Definitely hasn’t made me reconsider my career choices there.

For more private investigators, check out this story. Probably trumps anyone of the ones here to be honest.


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