Man Hires Private Investigator To Tail His Wife; Investigator Catches Wife Having Sex With His Teen Son

Bet that was awkward.

This is something that you couldn’t even make up for the most noir of film noir stories, and is pretty much unbelievable when you think about it.

Over in Utah, a dude hired a private investigator to tail his 33 year old wife Amber Telson after she had filed divorce proceedings against him. I’m sure the PI and the husband probably thought that they would find Amber bonking some other middle aged dude – I doubt they could have ever imagined that she would actually be getting down and dirty with the PI’s son, who is pictured below and looks like a real hunk, sure.

It turns out that Amber had met the PI’s son through her dance studio and had effectively seduced him by buying him a bunch of clothes and even paying for a trip for him to go to Disneyland. Swoon. A court statement revealed the following:

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PI's Son

She started by flirting with (the teen) and eventually began a sexual relationship with him that occurred at her home, her mother’s home and also in a vehicle belonging to Amber.

Wow. Talk about horny eh?

It’s unsurprising to hear that Amber is now serving 33 days in the slammer and has to complete 150 hours community service after she admitted sexual activity with a minor. It is kind of surprising that it’s such a lenient sentence though – imagine if a guy did that with a girl, they would throw the book at him right? Her dance studio has also been shut down.

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction right, much like it was here too.


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