New Program Allows Prisoners To Take Part In Muay Thai Fights In Exchange For Freedom

Muay Thai prison

Get out of jail free card.

According to a new documentary called ‘Prison Fighters’, Thailand is offering a new program aptly called ‘Prison Fighters’. From the trailer to the show, it looks like prisoners who are Muay Thai fighters will be pitted against each other in contests, with the eventual winner of the tournament being granted their freedom.

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Whilst that sounds crazy enough, it’s even more messed up when you consider that one of the people who the documentary follows stabbed someone in the neck and that’s why he’s in jail in the first place. Should a guy like that really be given the chance to literally fight his way to freedom?

Looks interesting right? I can’t say I really back this program, but it’s certainly going to be fascinating watching the effect that it has on this dude. Really curious to see how it all plays out, and it seems like they’re going to approach it from all angles too which is always a plus.

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