Inmates Reveal Horrific Details Of Prison Guard Hot Sauce Torture



It’s well known and probably basically just assumed these days that prisoners are going to be systematically beaten up and abused by guards whilst they serve their sentence, but over in North Carolina it looks as if things have taken a considerably more sinister turn after a group of inmates have claimed that the guards decided to abuse them with some of the hottest hot sauce known to man.

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The ‘torture’ is alleged to have happened back in 2012 when prisoners were offered a chance at a reduced sentence in exchange for taking a road crew assignment. Unfortunately for them, this wasn’t exactly what it seemed and meant they entered into a cycle of being absolutely destroyed at the hands of the guards and several vats of hot sauce, as well as some gross sexual abuse thrown in for good measure.

These different methods of humiliation included:

Being forced to consume hot sauce so hot it had a higher Scoville rating than police pepper spray.

Being forced to stick their hands into a plastic bag of hot sauce and then lick it off.

Being forced to rub the hot sauce on their own genitals and anuses in front of other prisoners.


Being forced to lick hot sauce off the white lines on the road.

Being forced to chase beer cans into swamps and lakes, even when they couldn’t swim.

Being forced to squeeze another prisoner’s genitals until they said particular racist phrases convincingly enough.

Being forced to kill wild snakes.

Being forced to throw live rabbits into oncoming traffic.

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What an absolute bunch of assholes – that shit is truly barbaric. Having tried a couple of those hot wings challenges as well, I totally feel for these guys because I couldn’t handle that whatsoever. This could literally be one of the most effective torture methods of all time.

Needless to say, the officers handled the hot sauce with white gloves at all times to ensure that they weren’t in contact with it. They know how to play the game.

The inmates filed the case back in 2015 but several federal investigations have concluded that there isn’t enough evidence to file a criminal case, despite the fact 25 inmates have testified. Convenient. A civil case is pending, but no news on when that will be heard. Kinda sounds like somebody needs to film a ‘Making A Murderer’ style documentary about these guys to get the ball rolling.

If you’re still not convinced about the dangers of hot sauce, check out this guy literally bathing in the stuff. Ouch.



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