Prisoner Films His Tweaked Cellmate Eating A Live Mouse (NSFL)

Man eats mouse

Not for the squeamish.

Being locked up in jail does not sound like a walk in the park. On a daily basis you’ve got the arduous task of proving your strength or else you risk being beaten to oblivion by rival gang members.

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Rather than spending hours and hours getting ripped to fuck, the man in the video below has decided to go with the whole insane/tweaked angle instead. And how does he do that? By eating a live mouse of course. Ain’t no one going to mess with this sadistic fucker next time he’s out in the yard:

Grimy. I hate to be a soppy bastard, but I feel really sorry for that mouse. And for his cellmate; that guy was freaking the fuck out.

I dread to think what that guy’s going to chow down on next. A rat? A spider? Or maybe a live eel.


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