Prisoner On Death Row Denied Six Pack Of Beer As His Last Meal

Is this final meal a cruel punishment or exactly what he deserves?

A death row inmate’s last meal request for a six pack of beer has been denied by the Georgia Department of Corrections over in the States.

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The Department said in a news release that Marcus Ray Johnson’s request was denied because alcohol is a contraband item. As a result, Marcus isn’t getting a custom last meal, but rather will eat the same meal as other inmates that day — baked fish, cheese grits, dry mixe beans, cole slaw, cornbreak, cookies and fruit punch.

50-year-old Marcus was sentenced to death for the murder of Angela Sizemore, a woman he met at a bar in 1994. He’d stabbed her “dozens of times”.  His lawyers have denied there’s enough evidence to convict him and are still fighting to have his execution cancelled.

He’s scheduled to die next Thursday at 7pm.


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If you think about it,  it’s a bit weird that the world even takes requests from murderers and rapists about what they want for dinner before they die. I get that it’s a way of showing some semblance of humanity to someone before you end their life, but it’s just a bit odd.

As it’s what we do though, why not just let this guy drink some beer? Give this terrible murderer his booze. If he wants a six pack as a final meal, then that’s his choice. He could probably have steak and lobster if he wanted to so why not beer? A final meal is a final meal and everything should be on the menu really.

The saddest part is that in the end he has to eat the same crappy meal as everyone else. Cheese grits? Dry mixed beans? Cornbread? Worst last meal ever.

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