VIDEO: Prison Officer Kills Inmate On Camera

A prison officer is caught on camera slamming an inmate so hard into the ground that it kills him.

Jesus Mary and Joseph. This isn’t a particularly graphic video but someone does get murdered in it, so don’t watch if it will upset you.

North Carolina prison officer Markeith Council is caught on camera slamming an inmate so hard onto the concrete floor that he had to be put on life support, and eventually died.

40-year-old Shon Demetrius McClain was in prison for possession of drug paraphernalia and for consuming alcohol in public.

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The prison officer said: “(I thought) I’ve got to get him off me and get him secured. I’m worried about what is going on around me. Your mind shuts down and you go to what you know, which is your training.”

Some training — smash the guy’s head into the floor WWE style. You’ve got killers on life sentences in there shaking their heads at how messed up this was.

Watch below:


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