Prison Gangs Have Started A Disturbing New Trend To Make Money From Jail

Mexican gang

Desperate times.

A series of prison gangs over in Mexico have been torturing and beating up inmates in order to blackmail their families for money.

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In a viral video, inmates can be seen attacking other prisoners with sticks and even burning them. They then reportedly send the video to their victim’s relatives as a threat, telling their family that they’ll be “tortured until they die” if the money doesn’t get transferred.

The video below, which displays this horrific trend, was filmed at the Xochiaca Prevention and Rehabilitation Centre in Nezahualcoyotl, in the central state of Mexico.

The footage allegedly shows gang leader Luis Fernando Arias and has been released as part of a police investigation. Arias is joined by two other gang members who all took part in the beating on an unnamed inmate. Apparently he makes his victims call their relatives to deposit money into his bank account by threatening to kill the victim if they don’t comply. He’s currently doing time for crimes including kidnapping, blackmail and murder.

This guy sounds absolutely brutal and what’s worse is that this “trend” has caught on. Other inmates are now using torture methods and blackmail to get money from vulnerable families – it’s a truly hideous way of getting cash. What a way to make jail even worse than it already is.

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