‘Prison Break’ Star Dominic Purcell Confirms That A Sixth Season Is Happening

Not another one surely?

I’m not gonna lie, but fifteen years or so ago ‘Prison Break’ was definitely one of the best TV shows out there when the gang was trapped in Fox River and trying to bust out – it was gritty, had a whole bunch of tensions and twists and just made you want to tune in every week, no question about it.

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Unfortunately it all got a bit stupid when they actually bust out of the prison and then all of them somehow managed to wind up in a South American prison and most people stopped watching, but the show was revived for some reason back in 2017, so there is still some interest in it I suppose, especially given what star Dominic Purcell is saying on his Instagram account at the moment. Turns out they’re working on ‘Prison Break’ season six:

Casual, although he’s not really giving away much there is he? Maybe the bigger revelation from it is that he doesn’t really like humans en masse?

Anyway, I doubt I’m going to tune in to a new series of the show because there’s only so many times I can watch these idiots get locked in a prison again and have to break out, but maybe some people out there will enjoy it. I think I would kinda prefer that great shows just finish up early so that they don’t end up shitting all over their legacy. That’s the best way to do it.

For more of the same, check out the trailer for the 2017 version if you missed that. Looks silly.


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