Prince Philip’s Death Has Brought Out The Most Ruthless Trolls On The Internet

The internet can be a nasty place.

I’m not gonna claim to be an expert on the life and times of Prince Philip, but I think most people understand that he was a 99-year-old man who comes from an era where certain comments he made were culturally ‘acceptable’, but the fact he had a sketchy history in that regard means that there’s a bunch of people celebrating his death on Twitter.

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Amid the condolences and respects being paid around the world, it’s pretty fascinating to see this kind of reaction under the official Royal Family Twitter account’s announcement, not to mention the crazy amounts of Likes & RTs some of these comments are receiving:

Welp, unfortunately this is the sort of cancer you get on Twitter these days. I mean fair enough if you dislike the guy, but let’s not forget that’s still someone’s husband, father, grandfather, friend and all the rest of it. Not to mention he was a World War 2 hero, RAF pilot and President of the World Wildlife Fund. Probably a bunch of other stuff too that I don’t even know about. Going on like he was Hitler or something? Come on now.

Never forget:

For the creepy four-year-old who claims he’s the reincarnation of Prince Diana, click HERE. Wonder who Philip will be reincarnated as?


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