Prince Harry’s Girlfriend Targeted In Topless Photo Leak Scandal


Let the royal row begin.

Prince Harry has been dating Meghan Markle for a while now, so it was only a matter of time before she was targeted for some sort of scandal.

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In what might be the start of the next royal row, photographs were leaked online purporting to show the American actress sunbathing topless while on a beach on the Greek island of Mykonos. They were published on a U.S. website with a headline that outlined the pictures to show Meghan letting it all hang out.

We can’t put the images on here but I’m sure that’s what everyone came on here to see – if you do want to check out the pictures in question, just literally Google her name and it will be the first thing to come up in the ‘News’ section.


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Since the images made their way to the media, other publications have revealed the photos to be faked, but the scandal has left a mark. The picture’s emergence comes just weeks after the prince released a strongly worded statement calling for Markle’s privacy to be respected. This clearly is the opposite of his request, and the images are expected to throw a further spotlight on the couple’s relationship.

No doubt Markle will be at the centre of another similar controversy at some point soon, much like Kate Middleton was. It just seems to be the way things go in the world we live in.

On the plus side, at least Harry has shown his uppermost support to his girlfriend. They seem like a pretty solid couple.


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