Prince Harry Rips Into The British Press For Racially Abusing His Mixed Race Girlfriend

Prince Harry – the biggest balls in Buckingham Palace.

In case you hadn’t heard, Prince Harry is currently dating Meghan Markle (Suits), who according to the Daily Mail is “a departure from his usual type” and “not in the society blonde style of previous girlfriends.”

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What the Daily Mail is basically trying to say there is that Meghan Markle is half black.

That’s not their only issue with Meghan – she’s divorced, she’s older (Markle is 35, Harry 32) and she’s played NSFW scenes on TV. Plus her mum is visibly black, with dreadlocks (gasp!)


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Well Harry has about had enough of this and has released a statement via Kensington Palace attacking the media for subjecting his new girlfriend to a “wave of abuse and harassment”:


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Good on Harry for not being afraid to take on the press, especially after his mum went through a similar ball-ache when she dated a non-white person. Well, we all know how that one turned out.

Big up Meghan Markel as well – it’s not every day a recently divorced American TV actress in her mid-30s hooks up with a real life British prince. Must be tough on her ex-husband too. No way he can match his ex banging the heir to the English throne unless he starts boning Pippa Middleton or something.

Anyway, Meghan has apparently already met Prince Charles and she and Harry have been going steady for 6 months. Good luck to them.


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