Prince Harry’s Former Regiment In Deep Shit After Calling Black Soldiers The N Word

Prince Harry regiment

Disgusting behaviour.

Soldiers over at Prince Harry’s former regiment are under investigation after it was found that black colleagues were branded n*****s.

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Members of the Blues and Royals are being probed over the disgusting comments that were made in conjunction with a leaving do selfie taken. The image was posted by cavalryman Ashley Parker on WhatsApp and shows seven black soldiers eating behind them. The caption states:

What’s going on here then!

Band of brothers.

A man named Neil then replies:

F****** NNNNNiii



Apparently these guys were then talking about how little money the black soldiers made, to which Neil replied:

Better than being back home walking 20k for water.

How utterly disgusting – can’t believe people still think or talk like that. Plymouth MP Johnny Mercer, an ex-Army captain, said:

It’s astonishing. In all my time in the British Army I never came across racism. The realities of combat do not allow for this sort of pathetic tribalism. I’m highly disappointed to see it in 2016.

A friend of one of the men in the background of the image said that his buddy was super pissed off but felt powerless, which says a lot for what the realities of racism are in the army. He said:

It has been reported and the police are involved.

It is exactly why I left the Army. I loved my job, and all of these guys do, but I could not stand the racist remarks.

Brigadier John Donnelly, head of Army Personnel Services Group, said that the investigation is underway and those involved will be punished.

Yeah right. As the guy’s buddy said, he left the army because of all the racist remarks. It’s pretty obvious that prejudice is still a very prevalent issue within the army and it needs to be taken more seriously.

And as for the fact that it was Prince Harry’s former regiment – he probably would’ve gotten involved if he was still there. He’s been involved in a plethora of racial incidents in the past including racist remarks to a black comedian, calling a Pakistani member of his army platoon the P word and dressing up as a Nazi soldier at a friend’s fancy dress party. What a twat. And he’s arrogant – he doesn’t even stop to take selfies with female fans.


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