Prince Harry Is Being Roasted For Calling Out ‘Institutional Racism’ From $15 Million LA Mansion

Is Prince Harry a hypocrite?

Prince Harry has put out a video apologising for ‘endemic racism’ in society and saying that not enough has been done for younger generations to make society a fairer place.

Echoing a recent speech made by wife Meghan Markle, Harry condemned previous generations for not working hard enough to ‘right the wrongs of the past’:

A sentiment I’m sure everyone can get behind, except some people didn’t take too kindly to one of the most privileged men in the world lecturing them about systemic racism and found the whole thing hypocritical, among other things:

To be fair to Harry, he did more or less ditch the monarchy recently, although he’s definitely still reaping the financial benefits of his lineage. And you probably do need privileged public figures speaking out in support of important societal issues like this. Maybe if he prefaced everything he said by acknowledging his own royal privilege?

Don’t think it’s fair bringing up the Nazi costume he wore 15+ years ago either. I mean we all said and did dumb shit 15 years ago that we would be mortified about if it were brought to light in 2020.

But while some of the criticism being leveled at Harry here is unfair, I can understand why people found his video so nauseating. Still, at least he didn’t take part in that cringey celebrity #ITakeResponsibility video. Although I’m sure he would have if he was asked.


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