The 79 Year Old Gay Priest Who Married A 24 Year Old Romanian Model And Lost His Home Says They’re Back Together



Hold onto your horses, because one of the craziest love stories of recent time has gotten a little bit crazier with its latest update.

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When we last heard from 79 year old gay priest Philip Clements, he was staying with some friends after he sold his house in Ramsgate in order to buy his 24 year old Romanian model husband Marin a flat in his native Romania. After the pair split up, Marin kept the flat and brutally kicked Philip to the kerb, saying he was now going out with some 45 year old Romanian businessman on a reality TV show.

Despite this, Philip was still hopeful that their romance might be rekindled as they were still sending each other messages again and it looks like it might have been, as it turns out they’re apparently back together. Here’s what Philip had to say about it, as he reveals that he’s also writing him into his will (although it doesn’t sound like there’s much left there if he’s staying with friends after buying the little dickhead a flat in Croatia already):

I have got to be realistic. I am 80 in August and I want to see him secure.

He is the only one I can leave things to. I don’t see much of my brothers, and they wouldn’t need it.

If it goes well, he will be in my will.

Due to the fact I had left him after I didn’t enjoy living in Bucharest, the Romanian television cameras arranged for him to meet this man.

The story was invented. He is not with him now, even if he was with him.

I’m pretty sure he wasn’t with him, and it was a made-up thing.

We have learned. We have both had to adjust. There were rumours he was with somebody else, but he has denied that.

We are planning to spend September and Christmas together, and hopefully it can go from there. But we don’t want to jump too far just yet.

He is young, and has plans ahead of him. But I don’t think I’m going to die just yet, there is a few years left in the old boy.

I’m pretty determined it will work out. We laugh a lot, we are very relaxed around each other, I think this was a phase we needed to get out of our system.

He is my husband. I want him to feel secure. I haven’t got much to leave him at the moment, as I sold the house. But he is not in it for the money. He knows I don’t have a lot.

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I mean, it sounds like Philip is pretty naive considering that Marin has already dumped him once after he bought him a flat, was almost certainly dating this other guy as he was on reality TV with him and you can see televisual evidence of that, and also said some pretty dickish things about Philip in the past. But I guess true love is blind and he wants to give it another shot. I reckon he’s probably gonna get stung though, just saying.

I’m also pretty sure that Philip said he had a new 22 year old Romanian boyfriend at some point and Marin said he had a 45 year old boyfriend who was a Spanish businessman too, but I guess they’re just sweeping all that under the rug? That’s love I guess.

If you want to read the whole saga of these two – and believe me it’s pretty long – then click here. Pretty unbelievable, but probably even more unbelievable that Philip keeps going to the press about it to tell them what’s going on.



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