‘Prevenge’ Looks Like The Most Bizarre Horror Comedy Of The Century


Alice Lowe makes her directorial debut.

We were very excited when we heard the news that Alice Lowe, co-writer of Ben Wheatley’s ‘Sightseers’, is making her directorial debut. Her movie, titled ‘Prevenge’, is a satirical slasher film where Lowe plays a pregnant woman who is convinced her unborn child is telling her to kill people.

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Film critic Peter Bradshaw, who saw it premier at the Venice film festival, said that it is a:

Nightmarish satirical twist on post – and antenatal depression: its tone is bizarre, its pace a remorseless, heavy tread.

Sounds good. And now the first trailer is out, you can see what the film is all about:

Wow, that looks completely sick. It’s got the same sort of dialogue as ‘sightseers’ but with what looks like even more gore. And the cast is banging. Can’t wait for its release next year.

2017 is shaping up to be a good year for horrors – just check out the trailer for ‘A Cure For Wellness’. Seriously messed up.


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