‘A Cure For Wellness’ Looks Like the Creepiest Psychological Horror Of 2017


Seriously freaky.

For most people, the thought of being trapped in a remote location with no hope of escape is just a nightmare, and that’s precisely the reason that it is so scary.

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That seems to be premise of Gore Verbinski’s new movie ‘A Cure For Wellness’ which tells the story of a young executive sent by his company to retrieve their CEO from a remote ‘wellness centre’ in the Swiss Alps. Once there, he becomes injured under mysterious circumstances and soon finds himself diagnosed alongside all the guests there that are longing for a cure. It’s then that things start to get weird:

Yeah, I don’t think that dude is going to be getting out of that one alive, do you? Either he’s gonna end up stuck there brainwashed for the rest of his life or that creepy doctor (who I’m pretty sure was in ‘The Human Centipede’ too – talk about typecasting) is going to end up murdering him. Or injecting him with weird parasites that eat him from the inside out or something.

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