Pregnant Woman Threatens To Abort Her Unborn Baby Unless She Gets 4000 Retweets


Absolutely despicable.

A pregnant woman has been slammed on Twitter after she threatened to get an abortion unless her post gets 4,000 retweets online.

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The woman, known only as Saipanting, said on twitter that she was expecting a baby, alongside a selfie. However, she cruelly added that she “won’t abort it” unless it goes viral.

Some people really don’t deserve to be pregnant. And in another awful twist, the purported dad had also allegedly been unaware that his ex is expecting, saying on twitter:

Do these people only know how to communicate via social media? Some people are claiming that this whole thing is a hoax, while others have urged the woman to seek help:

Either way, the post has achieved above and beyond its 4,000 retweets goal, meaning she’ll be having the baby if this isn’t a hoax. And if that is the case, I feel really sorry for that poor kid. They’re not even born yet and already their mum-to-be has proved herself to be the worst mother ever. Anyone who puts social media literally ahead of their kid’s life does not deserve to have the kid in the first place.

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