Drunk Mum Breastfeeds Baby Whilst Necking Beer And Offering Sex For Booze

Parental goals.

There are some absolutely awful examples of parenthood out there, but the woman in this article has got to be one of the worst.

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42-year-old Shari Treba from Indianapolis, Indiana and her 45-year-old husband Michael Trosclai apparently entered the Wild Beaver Saloon and immediately propped up at the bar and started ordering drinks. Treba then proceeded to start breastfeeding her baby whilst drinking and then began soliciting other customers for sex at the bar when she got completely wasted. Sounds like a great family night out, huh?

Concerned customers called the police at around 12:30am on the Friday night. They arrived to find both parents wasted with Treba blowing a .19 for her blood alcohol content level. That’s twice the legal driving limit.

Both of them were charged with public intoxication and neglect of a dependent. They were booked into the Arrestee Processing Centre, pending a bail hearing and the baby was taken to Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health. Not the greatest end to a family night out. Probably going to get even worse in the future if they manage to keep it together. Although I’m not banking on that.

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