A Pregnant Man Emoji Is Among New Emojis Being Introduced This Year

It was only a matter of time.

In news that is definitely not going to cause any arguments and meltdowns in the online world, it looks as though there is a ‘pregnant man’ emoji on the horizon – you know, for all those occasions where a pregnant man emoji would have been perfect for the chat and you cursed the heavens because it never existed.

At first look, the emoji appears to signify someone having eaten too much street food and needing to take an explosive diarrhea shit, but nope – pregnant man, apparently:

The list of incoming emojis also features a handshake featuring different skin tones, a person biting their lip, and a person who can barely watch…

Everyone on Twitter is in total agreement that the inclusion of a pregnant man emoji is a really progressive and positive move towards the acceptance of gender diversity and identity worldwide. Haha, just kidding. Reaction was mixed, at best…

Welp, looks like it’s coming whether people agree with it or not. Still, I just can’t help but think it will be used about .0001% of the time to describe a ‘pregnant trans man’ and 99.999% of the time by straight dudes talking about the huge burrito they just ate.

Expect this story to hit the news cycle again once the pregnant man emoji is installed on people’s devices, with another round of purely civilised debate and polite disagreement online. The maddest part is that if you never read about it, you probably wouldn’t even know it was a pregnant man emoji in the first place. Happy texting, everybody!

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