Unreal Video Of A Praying Mantis Murdering A Lizard In Cold Blood (NSFL)


In one of the most WTF nature videos we’ve ever shared, a praying mantis has managed to completely overpower and annihilate a lizard in a one-on-one fight, first giving him a nasty cut to the lip and then ripping his head off and eating him alive.

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Watch below:

Who the hell knew the praying mantis was such a badass? I always thought they were underdog creatures that stayed out of trouble but this one just proved that theory totally wrong, unless it’s some kind of freak of nature that this lizard was extremely unfortunate to come across.

Love how the video ends with the praying mantis looking like some kind of supervillain about to take over the world of insects or something. Like @Miye_tani‘s caption says – you should never underestimate your opponent.

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