Unreal Video Of A Komodo Dragon Swallowing A Monkey Whole (NSFL)

Nature at its most ruthless.

On the list of most terrifying ways to die, being swallowed whole by a komodo dragon is probably right up there with the worst of them.

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Check out this super rare moment caught in Indonesia this week as a komodo dragon devoured this poor monkey head-first (as shared by The Citizen):

That’s one hungry komodo dragon for sure. Couldn’t he have put it in some tupperwave for a snack later?

Seriously though, what a brutal way to go. Apparently komodo dragons have like 50 types of bacteria in their saliva so even if the monkey had managed to escape, the poison would have eventually killed him.

Here’s some more bonus clips of lions tackling gazelles, jaguars attacking crocodiles and penguins beating the crap out of each other. Nature is so awesome.

For the time a ‘Planet Earth’ cameraman came back to his hotel to find a huge Komodo dragon waiting for him, click HERE.


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