Watch These Pranksters Dress Up In Muslim Attire And Throw Fake Bombs At People

Muslim Bomb Pranksters

The definition of bad taste.

Given the current political climate following the atrocities in Paris and the general situation in the Middle East, it probably isn’t the best time to film a prank video dressing up as Muslims and throwing fake bombs at people.

I guess prank collective ‘The Jalals’ from over in Australia weren’t really thinking about though when they decided to do exactly that for their new video. And to be fair, they’ve been proven right with the video having over one million views on YouTube and 14 million on their Facebook.

However, as you might have guessed, not everyone was exactly happy about it:

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Hmmm. On the one hand it’s shot pretty well and edited pretty well in time with those songs, and it is kind of funny seeing people lose their shit when a bag is thrown at them. On the other hand though, given the current climate and stigma against Muslims amongst the uneducated it’s hardly doing anything to help the situation is it? Probably going to have to give this one a thumbs down to be honest.

However, whatever you say about it I don’t think it’s as appalling as Sam Pepper’s kill your best friend prank from a few weeks ago.


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