‘Police Seek Poundland Thief’ – Northeasterners Troll Ridiculous News Article



‘I genuinely think this must be a wind up – I had to look at the calender to make sure it wasn’t April 1st again!
My wife works at a large store in town and they must have 100’s of pounds worth stolen every week.
I never see that make the papers – or the dozens of big supermarkets who must also nab shoplifters on adaily basis.

Someone is winding someone else up here – it’s the only explaination.’

‘Well one good thing, the forensics shouldn’t find any finger prints, just hope the woman thought to put them on to steal them, The newspapers must be going through hard times to resort to reporting this oh so petty crime, does make you chuckle though.’

‘I think the echo need to start recruiting some cutting edge journalists if this is the best story they can come up with?’

‘To be fair, if she’s from Bishop she may have thought she was stealing a very expensive pair of gloves…..’

‘i think its a waste of everyones time with this story,so she stole a pair of gloves..theres plenty of drug dealers and kiddy feelers need sorting and catching,never mind poor.cold ppl !’

‘Did she leave any fingerprints or did she wear the gloves? I can’t wait for the next edition of Crimewatch and the reconstruction plus Kirsty Young grilling PC Jamie Pitt in the studio.’

‘if she s from Bish am I m very supprised that she knew she needed to pinch a pair .’

‘It could only be the NE, criminal nicking from Poundland’

‘Very poor reporting. Shouldn’t we be told how much the gloves cost?”

 ‘She could get a pair of gloves at a Charity Shop for 5Op, big stuff this in comparison with droves of ‘Overseas Terrorist(s)’ with numerous convictions.i.e.Forg
ing British Passports etc, etc, etc, and ****ALLOWED freely to walk the streets of Britain and guess what, he was ****ALLOWED to go into a British Mosque and change into a BURKA. and guess what ?. He HAS ABSCONDED. Incidentally can I buy ?……. a BURKA AT POUNDLAND.’

‘This lady has Expensive taste but theft is theft ,It may only have been £1 this time but how much at other stores ?’

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