These Disturbing Portrait Collages Will Haunt Your Dreams

Phillip Kremer featured

Pure nightmare fuel.

An American artist named Phillip Kremer has made a name for himself thanks to his creepy, hilarious and grotesque collages of celebrities, politicians and members of the general public.

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Kremer uses a variety of techniques to create his portrait mash-ups and then posts them on his Instagram and Tumblr accounts. Here’s his reasoning behind his bizarre collection:

I opened up an Instagram account and discovered a world more than selfies and pictures of half eaten food.

I manipulated (the photos) by copying pieces of their skin and putting it over the face, stretching and contorting until it looked right.  Re-inserting their eyeballs and exchanging mouths with other people’s mouths.

It made me feel uncomfortable in a way I can’t describe.

Same here Phillip, same here:

Wow, those are fucked up. I like the variety of styles – he doesn’t just stick to one technique. Amazingly, Kremer doesn’t even use Photoshop to make his art, and instead just uses a simple app on his phone. What a time to be alive.

Some of these really remind me of the whole Ross Kemp’s folded face phenomenon. His face was made for folding.


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