PornHub Users Are Being Forced To Show Their Passports To Access The Site

Access denied.

PornHub now requires millions of its users to login to the site using their personal details and passport.
Now before you start worrying about which porn site to make your new favourite, the move will only affect users in Russia.

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The Russian government has been trying to make it harder for people in the country to access porn websites, with officials slating PornHub for publishing materials that they claim are harming the development of children.

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Russian users are instructed to log in to social network site VKontakte, which links to the person’s passport to give them an age and date of birth. As said, this is purely to check how old the person is, but as Vice points out it could mean that people are identified as they log into a porn website. And I’m sure most of you will agree that you don’t want your family and friends knowing the inner details of your wank sessions.


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This is not so good, especially when you consider that the UK government is considering imposing similar rules, forcing all adult websites to ensure that its visitors are over 18. They’re unsure how this will be implemented – one suggestion was to have people register at the post office to gain access. Erm, yeah let’s not do that guys.


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