This Year’s Pornhub Statistics Show How Depraved Everyone Really Is

You’re all wrong’uns.

Halloween might be the scariest time of year, but for many people it’s an excuse to dress up as sexy as possible.

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So it shouldn’t be a surprise that it’s also a time for people to adjust their porn watching habits. As a nod to this, Pornhub have released their ‘Happy Halloween Insights’, which shows just what everyone’s been getting themselves off to this year.

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Apparently, the largest spike in activity is when we “return from trick-or-treating” (weird) and costumes come off at around 3am. Pornhub said:

Millennial traffic dips by 27% around 7pm when trick-or-treating is in full effect and remains below average until Midnight. When the costumes finally come off, traffic shoots 15% above average around 3am.

There are the standard searches for things like Halloween Sex (up 3369%) Trick or treat (2582%) Halloween Costume (1844%) and Costume Fantasy (1925%).

But wait, there’s more. There are also the niche fantasies that people are getting freaky with, like costume creampie (289%) (WHAT??), and lesbian witch (386%). Unbelievably, cat costumes only get an increased search of 246%.

So there you go – costume creampies are what Halloween dreams are made of.

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