PornHub Is Offering Its Premium Service For Free To Everyone Quarantined In Italy

Finally some good news about coronavirus.

There’s finally some good news to report surrounding the coronavirus – Pornhub is offering free access to its premium service to people who lives in Italy until April 3.

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Here’s the press release they shared earlier today:

As you probably know already Italy is on nationwide lockdown which basically means 60 MILLION people are in quarantine. I’m not sure how Pornhub’s servers are going to handle all that traffic but I’m sure a sizeable chunk of those 60 million will be taking full advantage of free Pornhub premium.

Who knows, maybe the rest of us will have to stay in our houses 24/7 in the coming weeks with no sports to watch and nothing to do as well. So it’s comforting to know that there’s companies like Pornhub out there that have our backs.

Everyone be careful out there and do what you can to protect yourself – and if you’re someone who’s quarantined in Italy right now, enjoy your free Pornhub Premium. Maybe even check out some of that new coronavirus porn while you’re at it.


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