Pornhub Just Sent Out A Casting Call For Panda Shaggers

Panda Costumes

It’s actually for a pretty good cause.

Pornhub is well known for one thing and one thing only – even if you’ve never encountered the organisation before I’m pretty sure you can figure it out. But now it’s trying to diversify and branch out if this latest story is anything to go by.

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The website is calling for people to dress up as pandas and film themselves having sex, and whilst you could be forgiven for thinking that was an attempt to satisfy some kind of bizarre fetish, it actually turns out that it’s in aid of a good cause: trying to encourage pandas to procreate. For real.

The panda population of the planet is dwindling and there are genuine concerns that they could become extinct. The problem is though that they don’t have sex very often because the males are really lazy and the women are only horny a few days a year. As such, very few baby pandas are being born.

However, if pandas watch videos of other pandas fucking, then it gets them into the mood, and thankfully for us because pandas are so stupid they can’t tell the difference between actual pandas and people dressed up as pandas, hence the request from Pornhub. They’re also going to donate $100 for every panda porn video they receive towards panda preservation and 1 cent for every view that these videos receive.

What a great, forward thinking organisation – don’t think I ever thought I would say that about Pornhub lol. I’m not sure what your plans are this weekend, but mine just changed.

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