Pornhub Completely Rinse Germany After World Cup Exit

Germany Out


We bore witness to one of the all time great World Cup moments yesterday when Germany were knocked out in the group stages by South Korea, losing to a team that had nothing to play for and ending up coming bottom of their group.

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Obviously pretty much everyone in the whole world was elated by this turn of events – because everyone loves it when one of the pre tournament favourites crashes at the first hurdle – but I doubt that anyone expected the guys at PornHub to get into it as well. The legendary pornographic website decided to get involved with the rinsing by posting the following message from their Twitter account:

Hot damn. I mean you’ve just sufferer probably the worst humiliation that you’re going to face in your life as a German person and then your favourite porn website goes and kicks you in the face about it too. That’s gotta hurt.

I imagine that a lot of German people were probably looking towards PornHub to aid them in getting over this embarrassment and it must have been ever more gutting to know that something they could always rely on had turned its back on them as well. Not gonna lie, I absolutely love it.

For more PornHub, check out this year’s PornHub statistics which show how depraved everyone in the world really is. Wow.


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