This German Christmas Advert Is A Million Times Sadder Than The John Lewis Christmas Advert

Prepare for the feels of a lifetime.

The German supermarket chain Edeka has aired its own Christmas advert that’s way, way sadder than the John Lewis ad this year, even though that’s pretty damn gut-wrenching too.

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Prepare for the feels of the century:

Talk about a plot twist. Just when you thought the old man was dead and his kids were destined to spend Christmas feeling like wankers, he shows up again and they have the best Christmas ever.

Man I really hope I’m never at the point where my dad has to fake his own death just for me and my siblings to go visit him. The thing’s got 20+ million views so obviously people are feeling it big time.

In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if this advert changed some people’s Christmas plans so they can go see their parents instead. Awesome.

Almost as brutal as the prank Johnny Knoxville’s dad used to play on him as a kid.


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