Pornhub Will Now Ask You For Your Name And Address Before Browsing


Bad news for everyone out there who likes masturbating – so everyone I guess – as Pornhub and other popular pornography websites are going to make you give them your personal details before logging to browse their delights thanks to new legislation. Damn.

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As part of this, porn giant Mindgeek – which owns Pornhub, RedTube, YouPorn and Brazzer, so pretty much everything – is going to make you submit your names, mobile phone number, addresses and dates and place of birth in order to login. You’ll also have to create a username and password.

This is apparently designed to stop underage children access pornography and will apparently be policed by the British Board of Film Classification. Matt Hancock – the minister of state for digital and culture – stated that these places would be in place by April as part of the Digital Economy Act 2018.


Obviously, people aren’t happy about these changes as the potential for Ashley Madison style hacks/leaks is rife with the sites collecting people’s personal information that could lead to the destruction of people’s marriages/relationships/lives etc. Porn site owner Pandora Blake expressed this last year:


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You can imagine how much data that is going to give MindGeek, if they’re going to have stats on what people click on, what porn sites people click on, what they pay for.

Once you’ve got a MindGeek login, you’re going to be giving them your entire web browsing history, because they’re going to be able to track every time you log in to anything.

Yep. Mind geek are arguing that their AgeID software is encrypted and the date will never be exposed were to be hacked, but I’m not sure if anyone is really buying that these days, are you?

Guess there’s just only one thing for it – back to the top shelf magazines/videos. Only way to be safe these days.

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