Someone Has Invented Pork Pie Ice Cream

Pork Pie Ice Cream


Whilst sometimes fusing two distinct types of food together brings out completely delicious and excellent results, a lot of the time I’m left puzzled as to just why anyone would think it was a good idea to combine the flavours together and this is definitely one of those times: pork pie ice cream.

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Whilst I’m a fan of both pork pies and ice cream, I’m not really sure of the benefits of teaming them up together, but nevertheless the guys from Pieminster in British Pie Week which is this week. The Pork Pie Scream comes with soft serve vanilla ice cream mixed with Bourbon maple syrup and free-range British bacon, served in a waffle cone ‘pie crust’ and topped with pork scratchings and apple sauce.

Doesn’t really sound that appetising, but apparently it’s really delicious according to Pieminster co-founder Tristan Hogg:

Pork Pie Ice Cream 2

It’s been great fun to turn our pie-making hands to something else for a change.

The combination of sweet vanilla, bourbon and maple syrup works brilliantly with tart applesauce and salty bacon.

Yeah I’m still not convinced but I suppose if I found myself in Brixton market at some point I might give it a shot for the novelty factor. Really can’t see it being that nice though – can you?

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