Popular York Pub Forced To Close After Giant Poo Floods Toilets

What a disaster.

Everyone knows that the hospitality industry has had it unbelievably hard over the past year because of Covid so it must be an even bigger shitter – pun intended – for a pub to be forced to close because some left a giant poo in the toilets and it ended up flooded.

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The House Of Trembling Madness was originally a Georgian building in York from the 18th century but has now been converted into a craft beer pub because of course it has. They were forced to close the first floor of the establishment on Monday though after discovering ‘the largest turd blockage’ they’ve ever had:

That’s all the story is really. Apparently the pub used a ‘mechanic shit remover’ to get rid of it but there sadly aren’t any more details about it other than that and there definitely isn’t a video either. It’s just funny to think that a turd could be so monstrous that it literally forced an entire pub to shut down because it blocked their whole toilet system isn’t it? Hope it wasn’t too traumatic for the guys who had to clean it up.

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