The Pope Admits That One In Fifty Priests Is A Paedophile

Pope Francis does the honourable thing and opens up about paedophilia in the Church.

Pope Francis has revealed that around one in every 50 Catholic priests is a paedophile and has condemned the issue as a ‘leprosy’ that is infecting the Church, adding that bishops and cardinals are among the ‘2%’ carrying out child abuse, and that many more are guilty of helping to cover the issue up.

He promised to “confront it with the severity it demands”.

Earlier this year he had begged for forgiveness from child abuse victims and their families after many Catholics felt the Vatican failed to punish those who had been accused and those who covered for them.

Well, better late than never I guess. Respect to Pope Francis for not only admitting it but vowing to do something about it — if Pope Benedict was still around it’d still be swept under the carpet alongside his Hitler Youth memorabilia.


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