Pope Francis Has Finally Put An End To The Messi vs. Ronaldo Debate

Ronaldo Francis Messi

God has spoken.

Pope Francis is a bit of a legend really, isn’t he? Not only does he think the church should apologise to the gay community, but he’s also provided us with an answer to the ongoing debate of who’s the better football player: Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi.

While many people have been siding with Ronaldo since he won the European Championships playing for Portugal recently, Pope Francis reckons it’s Messi all the way.

Lionel messi

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When asked who was the better player, also including Pele and Maradona in the mix, the Pope replied:

For me, Messi.

Pope Francis

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He was also very mysterious about the whole thing and did not provide any reason for his choice. Maybe he had been told by God, who knows? Either way, Messi, looks like you have the backing of the Pope and the Catholic church, which is never a bad thing.

For more on the wonders of Pope Francis, did you know that he only became a priest because his childhood crush rejected him when he was 12? Heartache can push you to do wonderful things sometimes.


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