Pop Star Gets Bitten By A Poisonous Snake, Sings For 45 Minutes, Then Dies On Stage

Irma Bule snake on stage


During a recent performance in West Village, Indonesia, pop star Irma Bule was bitten by a king cobra. However, instead of leaving and tending to her wounds, she carried on singing for an amazing 45 minutes before collapsing and dying on stage in front of horrified fans.

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Irma Bule is known for having live snakes during her performances, but most of the time they are defanged — unfortunately this cobra was not. After she stood on the snake on stage, it attacked and bit her leg, injecting venom into her bloodstream.

Audience member Ferlando Octavion Auzura said:

The accident happened in the middle of the second song when Irma stepped on the snake’s tail.

The snake then bit Irma on her thigh.

You can see the snake handler tending to her wound below:

Unbelievably, she refused an antidote and started to vomit on stage before suffering a seizure. By the time they rushed her to hospital it was already too late. Police are currently investigating the incident and are interviewing audience members.

So sad and such an utterly pointless death. As well, you’ve got to feel sorry for the snakes — they must be confused as hell being put on stage with loud music and bright lights.

Snakes are dangerous and should not be used for live entertainment — just check out this video of a man seconds away from being killed by one of the most venomous snakes in the world (luckily his dog steps in and saves the day).


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