Dog Saves Man From Being Killed By The Second Most Poisonous Snake In The World (VIDEO)

Guy Narrrowly Avoids Snake

Another reason why dogs are a man’s best friend.

It’s well known that there are all sorts of snakes and spiders and creepy crawlies lurking around in people’s gardens in Australia, so you really have to be careful at all times even if you’re just chilling in your own backyard.

This guy almost found out the hard way when he came up against the second most venomous snake in the world – the brown snake – which had somehow just made its way into his backyard without any fuss at all. As you’ll see in the video it wiggles right past his foot, and if it wasn’t for his dog then he probably would have been a goner – you can always rely on man’s best friend.

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Phew. That was close.

The guy who posted the video also said that his dog prevented the snake from entering his house when it wasn’t looking which was another close escape. The guy should take his dog out for a steak dinner or something to say thanks.

For mor snakes getting what they deserve for being such slippery customers, check out this video of a rabbit absolutely pummelling a snake when it tries to attack her daughter.


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