Politician Luc Anus Is Unable To Campaign On Facebook Because They Refuse To Recognise His Name

Luc Anus

He’s the butt of all the jokes.

It must be really tough growing up with a name that makes it really easy to have the piss ripped out of you, but by the time you’re an adult you’ve probably developed a thick skin about it and most people have probably stopped dissing you about it anyway.

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This is probably how Luc Anus felt when he decided to run for political office in Lobbes, South Belgium. Of course some people would probably laugh at his name a bit, but hopefully they would look past that and focus on his policies.

Unfortunately though, this wasn’t the case at all because as soon as he uploaded his campaign policy onto Facebook, he was forced to remove it as his name violated Facebook’s terms of service. He had this to say about his problem:

Luc Anus

Facebook just does not accept my name.

I can deal with it, but I’ve had to change my name to Luc Anu on the site.

I mean it kinda defeats the point of campaigning as Luc Anu when your real name is actually Luke Anus, but I suppose if that’s the only way around it, then that’s the only way around it. Not sure how great it’s going to be for his election campaign though. I suppose he could always try and sue Facebook though if he doesn’t get into power. Lol yeah, good one.

One last thing about this is a comment from one Belgium guy who saw the poster after it went viral: ‘that’s a great name for a candidate for a party that fucks you in the asss’. Tell it like it is brother.

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