Polish Woman, 25, Goes Blind After Getting Her Eyeballs Tattooed

Who would have thought?

A woman has completely lost sight in one eye and will soon be totally blind in the other after getting her eyeballs tattooed black.

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Aleksandra Sadowska, from Wroclaw in Poland, wanted to emulate famous Polish rapper Popek – who we wrote about back in 2013 – after he got both eyes tattooed. Here’s the man himself:

Something went wrong during Aleksandra’s procedure however (more on that later) and the 25-year-old complained of sharp pain in her eyes, which the tattooist assured was normal and could be treated with painkillers.

Well she took his advice and now Aleksandra is blind in her right eye and has been warned the irreversible damage will soon claim the vision in her left eye too. Brutal.

An investigation revealed that the tattoo artist made a number of serious errors while tattooing Aleksandra’s eye balls – including using ink made for use on skin, which should never come into contact with the eyes. What an absolute idiot.

The tattooist now faces 3 years in prison. Aleksandra’s lawyers told MailOnline:

There is clear evidence that the tattoo artist did not know how to perform such a delicate procedure. And yet he decided to perform it which led to this tragedy.

IMO you’d have to be pretty stupid to get your eye balls tattooed in the first place, but the simple fact is if this tattoo artist knew what he was doing then Aleksandra would still have 20/20 vision right now.

Being a famous Polish rapper and all, Popek probably went to a proper high-end tattoo artist to get his eyeballs tattooed whereas I bet Aleksandra just went to her local tattoo shop and got some clueless bum to do it. So while the blame is mostly on the tattoo artist, Aleksandra is a bit of a dumbass herself for not doing her homework. I mean if there’s one procedure you want to spend enough money on to make sure it’s done properly – it’s getting your damn eyeballs tattooed.

Amazingly, there was a similar story just a few months ago involving the ‘Dragon Girl’ tattoo addict. Come on people, use your brains!


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