A Polish Company Is Set To Brew Beer From A Czech Model’s Vaginal Bacteria

Order Of Yoni

Would you drink it?

A Warsaw based company named The Order Of Yoni is attempting to crowdfund €150,000 for its latest project – a beer brewed from the lactic acid bacteria taken from the vagina of Czech model Alexandra Brendlova. It shouldn’t really be surprising that Yoni is a sanskrit Czech word for vagina.

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Get a load of this promo video – it’s actually bordering on unbelievable:

Wow. I mean, it’s just mid blowing that someone has spent so much time devising this and actually believing that they’re going to get people to invest €150,000 in it. Really? I want to think that this is somebody trolling us, but looking at the amount of effort that’s gone into this video and the IndieGoGo page, it would be one hell of an elaborate prank were it to be true.

Honestly, the language used in the video is beyond embarrassing and bizarre. There’s so much that I could pick out about this that is just wrong and stupid on so many levels, but a personal favourite was the fact that name of the model and the date of her vaginal swab is included on the bottle. It just makes the whole process so reassuring and authentic right?

The piece de resistance though has to be the perk that enables you to create your own bottle of beer from a girlfriend or loved one’s vaginal bacteria. I’m sure that’s what everyone will be buying their boyfriend for Christmas this year because there’s no way that boys don’t think about that all the time, is there?

Thankfully as the video says, it’s up to us to make this happen and so far the response has been a million times worse than what The Order Of Yoni could have possibly hoped for when they started. At the time of writing after six days of pursuing their crowdfunding goal, The Order Of Yoni had only achieved €11 of the €150,000 total. There’s still twenty five days to go though, so if this is the kind of thing you’re interested in, then head on over there and help out.

If anything, it has to be better than that beer that contains a shot of stag semen in it, right?


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