This Policewoman Rapping At People To Stay Indoors Is One Of The Worst Things About Lockdown


The UK has been in lockdown for over two weeks now and whilst most people are complying with the new rules, there’s definitely a subsection of people out there that have been flouting the rules massively.

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It’s with that in mind that police in Derbyshire decided to ‘speak the language’ of the people by driving down the road with a megaphone and blurting out a hastily concocted rap version of why they should stay inside. Apparently the person that filmed this for Facebook thought that it was a brilliant idea as this was ‘the language people speak & understand round here’, but if you take a listen to this and think that it’s anything but a complete and utter embarrassment for everyone involved then I would suggest you probably need to stay in lockdown permanently because you’re mental:

Jesus. I mean they could have at least rigged in someone who was at least good at rapping to do it and didn’t just read out a nursery rhyme in what they thought was a kinda gangster staccato rhythm? Throwing in cheesestrings in the rhyme just makes it even more infantile and pathetic.

Do they really think that anyone is going to listen to them more after they put out this PSA? Would make me want to run out of my house and vandalise everything around me if I heard that coming down my street in the evening. Get a clue.

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